Please have a look at my newest series 61 Days which has recently been published in the online quarterly The Junket.



Some recent additions to the 61 Days project. More to come...



Whilst in New York I attempted to document my friend Jessie's life. I wanted to create a sense of her space, a picture of what she's about and what's in her head. Most of the photographs I took were in her apartment, a lot in her bedroom where she sleeps and works. I wanted to stick to this simple place as much as possible and by documenting the ordinary everyday things that she did I found myself zooming into unnoticed and beautiful elements that I would usually miss. Here are a few images from the series, 61 days (work in progress).



These are a selection of images from a current project based around the patterns and colours in nature. I'm interested in the repeating patterns that appear in the sand and also the way photographing very close up changes the appearance of the subject and enhances the colours, almost creating something new.